Website Look

Hello again! Just a warning:

Even though the comic will end mid October, I have already cancelled all the fancy upgrades. So in about two weeks, the site will default back to the old look. The content will still update until mid October, so never ye fear!

In the meantime I will be working on the shift to my new website, focused on building this world brick-by-brick. I’ll be focused on one illustration, map and short comic at a time, under the title Blue Cat Co. It’s a trading company that deals in the swapping of stories.

All of my shorter tales of Elgon will develop there, starting with Wollmancy.

My hope is to automatically transfer followers of this site, so there will be no interruption in the content. Also, since I will only have one platform, I’ll have an easier time posting more regularly!

More details to come.

BCCo LogoRough logo design


The End of the Tunnel

Mirin and Big Sheep Lines Web.jpg

Hello all! There’s been a change in plans.

The painting of the last chapter is going along swimmingly and I’ve been reexamining my output, projects and social media structure. I’ve realized that trying to tackle the world I’ve created with one story is just insane! I’ve been skimming over important features of the world trying to not let them overpower the story.

So instead, I’m going to end the online serialization of this Elgon tale after chapter 4 (October 2016 I believe). While the chapter plays out, I will be building a webspace. Everyone is welcome to join. There I will be exploring this world, one illustration, one map, one story at a time. The first story is Woolmancy, currently in production. It’s short. About 60 pages of mythical lightning sheep and murder mystery fun!

This is going to be an awesome shift. The stories will be better, the art will stay fun and it will be a community that will bring all of my output facets together!

I will keep you informed of the progress!


Process Pictures!

Scowl Crop.jpg
Judging. He’s judging you.

Things are cooking along with page painting now that I’m back to work after break week. The important development is that I’m now on Instagram! Find me @AbrianCArt.

Frankly, I deplore phone applications. So if I have to have one, you can be sure I’ll be using it! I’ve been pumping sketches, progress images, and short painting videos through there all weekend. I’m trying not to have double posts with my twitter account, so check there as well for process.

I’ve been giving full videos to my Patrons as I’m testing my lighting set up. Once I start making official videos, I’ll make very short ones public, elongate for Patrons, and special tutorials for $5 Patrons.

If you take a look at the progress bars, you’ll see that Woolmancy has turned pink! It will be off with the brilliant editor Lara Willard getting it’s fleece carded. Official design work on that begins soon.


Break Week

Brunai Water Crop.jpg

Riiiise minion! Oh wait, I think he’s royalty.

So things are cooking along. I’m cleaning up some pages and actually I re-edited all of the pages for chapter 4. I don’t like how the font has started exporting. I’ll tackle fixing that on the back-end during my break.

Every 7 weeks, I take a week off from comics. Why? So I can reset and recharge! This is super important to maintain a productive schedule. Every time I take a short break from something, I get better at it when I return. For example, I had a week ┬ábreak from tai chi practice because I was sick. My first time in a practice room… I was so much better!

You have to give your mind and muscles time to let all the things you’ve taken in sink into your memory.

Because Tales of Elgon has a big buffer, there are never any breaks in the output, nor will my newsletters or posts stop for break week.

What do you do when you take a break? I like to pursue my woodworking and weaving hobbies. Maybe some bookbinding.